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Books (Link Available)

Book Review:the MultiCapital scorecard:
rethinking organisational
By Dr Kuntal Goswami

The MultiCapital Scorecard: Rethinking Organizational Performance
By Martin P. Thomas and Mark W. McElroy

Resolving the Climate Change Crisis:
The Ecological Economics of Climate Change
By Assoc. Prof Philp Lawn

Book Review:
The Political Economy of Sustainability
By Dr Kuntal Goswami

The Political Economy of Sustainability
By Associate Professor Fred P. Gale

South Australia:
Progressing in recent Years and outperforming the rest of Australia

By Assoc. Prof Philip Lawn

Measuring Genuine Progress: An application of Genuine Progress Indicator
By Assoc. Prof Philip Lawn
Prof. Matthew Clarke

Journals (Link Available)

Sustainability disclosure patterns of South Australian local councils:
a case study

By Kuntal Goswami & Assoc. Prof Sumit Lodhia

What Drives Sustainability Reporting Practices
in Selected South Australian Local Councils
A Case Study

By Dr Kuntal Goswami

Influence of TV food advertising on children’s food behavior and food consumption
By Dr Ritu Bhatia

India Open-Defecation Free:
Opportunities and Challenges
By Dr Hitesh Bhatia &
Dr Ritu Bhatia

Analysis of Three Australian
State-Level Public Policies
A Stakeholders’ Perspectives
By Dr Kuntal Goswami
Prof. Rolf Gerritsen

Internal Sustainable Development
Commitment of Public Agencies in
Three Australian States
Evidence through Sustainability Reporting Practices

By Dr. Kuntal Goswami
Prof. Rolf Gerritsen


A Brief Presentation on Sustainable Development & Climate Change
By Kuntal Goswami

Aspiring to do Research in Australia? (PhD & Higher Degree Research students focused)
By Dr Kuntal Goswami

The Art of academic writing
By Dr Alison-Jane Hunter