Seminars & Conferences

ACSDRI’s Public Seminar Series

ACSDRI is dedicated to promote dialogue on different sustainability topics though our open forum seminars & conferences to built relationship with academics, practitioners, NGOs, Business, and with our community members. We are also committed to advance the culture of open assess research and education

2022 Book launch - The Hidden Successes of Three Sustainability Policies

Panel Discussion on Green Innovation & Sustainable Business Model - A Path to SDGs

Business Showcase: Innovation for Sustainability By Darren Lutze

Glimpses of ACSDRI's 2022 Annual Event: The Green Innovation & Sustainable Business Model Seminar

ACSDRI's Public Seminar Series. Topic: Let's Talk About Climate Change

Business & Sustainability Panel Discussion

The Art Of Academic Writing

Presentor: Dr Alison Jane Hunter

What Is Academic Writing

Presentor: Dr Alison Jane Hunter

ACSDRI's Presentation on Responsible Ecotourism & Wild life @ Masai Mara

Presentor: Alankar Chandra

Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI)s Slides

Presentor: Assoc. Prof Phil Lawn

Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI)s presentation

Presentor: Assoc. Prof Phil Lawn

Q n A By Assoc. Prof Phil Lawn

Presentor: Assoc. Prof Phil Lawn

Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI) Presentation on South Australia

Presentor: Assoc. Prof Phil Lawn

How to be Research Active

Presentor: Assoc. Prof. Aziz Rahman

Aspiring to do Research in Australia?

Presentor: Dr Kuntal Goswami

Research Experience in Australia & Bangladesh

Presentor: Assist. Prof. Monoj Majumder

Date ecosystem for SDG related research in South Asian Countries

Presentor: Assoc. Prof Jayanta Choudhury

Global Conference on Sustainable Development Goals

In 2020, ACSDRI organised a three-day conference on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) where distinguished speakers from Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Malawi, Uganda, UK, & USA discussed wide range of issues, challenges, and success stories.

An example of successful effort towards SDGs

Presentor: John Oldfield (Global Water, USA)

Presentation on Localising SDGs & Citizen Participation

Presentor: Assoc. Prof Jayanta Choudhary

SDGs - A Success Story

Presentor: Tapas Ranjan Chakraborty

Awareness level among stakeholders on SDGs

Presentor: Kettie Alinafe Harawa

Conceptualizing Projects based on SDG Principles

Presentor: Joydeep Sen

Equal opportunity & Quality Education

Presentor: Nitya Venkatesh

Role of Stakeholders in SDG Agenda

Presentor: Winifred Nabakiibi

CDU view on policy issues of NT from sustainability perspective

Presentor: Prof Rolf Gerritsen

Role of beverage industries in realizing SDGs

Presentor: Sudhir Jain

Social Enterprise - A Model to Finance SDGs

Presentor: Dr Kuntal Goswami

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