Books  |  November 21, 2021

The Hidden Successes Of Three Sustainability Policies

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“In The Hidden Successes of Three Sustainability Policies Goswami and Gerritsen start with the international and national context… they demonstrate that the very idea of sustainability can, if only gradually, impact on the decision-making culture of an organisation if given sufficient support from “above”. Sustainability is very much an idea in search of a leader, it has its own terms and conditions for success…

The material the authors gather to reach their conclusions is impressive – and presented with both clarity and precision… After all, it’s one thing to develop policies that are relevant and feasible but quite another to ensure their acceptability. It’s a strength of The Hidden Successes that it incorporates politics and legitimacy questions into the analysis, not to make a case against sustainability but rather to remind us, as is the case with all public policy, that material interests, professional prejudices and ideological warriors are all at the table making life difficult for those seeking a long term, strategic approach to government.”

Emeritus Professor Geoffery Gallop,
University of Sydney
Ex-Member of the Western Australia Legislative Assembly (1986-2006);
Ex-Premier of Western Australia (2001-2006)

“Indeed, as The Hidden Successes of Three Sustainability Policies shows, by way of detailed empirical analysis, sustainability culture has become deeply ingrained within Australian policy and practice at State level…

The Hidden Successes of three Sustainability Policies details their sustainability reports, with policy championing, implementation, evaluation, learning and adaptive governance prominent in its analysis… The Hidden Successes of three Sustainability Policies concludes that subnational governments will persist in the pursuit of sustainability where federal governments fail.”

Associate Professor Kate Crowley
Public and Environmental Policy,
University of Tasmania