Magazine Print  |  December 25, 2022

The Blue Planet Magazine 2022

About the Magazine 2022 Edition The Blue Planet is a multi-disciplinary magazine published by ACSDRI – Knowledge Press a publishing unit of the Australian Centre for Sustainable Development Research & Innovation (ACSDRI) – A Research Foundation. The magazine has both print (ISSN: 2652-7995) and online (ISSN: 2652-7987) versions. The magazine welcomes scholarly contributions in the form of articles and reports from both academics and professionals. The objective of this magazine is to disseminate knowledge and to propagate dialogue on the sustainability agenda to a mass audience. The magazine accepts topic related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), green innovation relating to SDG, the circular economy, public policy, green project, management, environmental science, and any other related topics. In this edition, the magazine has eleven chapters covering a range of topics that contribute to the sustainable development agenda.

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