The Blue Planet Academic Magazine Series 2021
Magazine Print  |  January 1, 2019

The Blue Planet Magazine 2021

Editorial of the 2021 issue

The Blue Planet is a multi-disciplinary magazine. The objective of this magazine is to disseminate knowledge and to propagate dialogue on the sustainability agenda to a mass audience. In this edition, following topics are covered: Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Social Impact Measurement, The Himalayas: Saving Our Saviour, A Perspective on Responsible Investment, International Day of Happiness: GDP vs Happiness, Guidance for Successful Research Publications, Corporate Climate Change Risk Disclosure in Australia, How Unicorn Leadership Grows, Mind the Waste: Some Remedies for Overconsumption and Waste of Food, #biodiversitymatters : Facts & Figures on Biodiversity.

We also have excellent collection of Nature photography