Magazine Online  |  November 15, 2021

How Unicorn Leadership Grows

By Major Namrata Dhasmana

“A Lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of a sheep.” Therefore, true leadership is standing out in the crowd fearlessly and calmly, and empowering others. Yes! It’s a challenging attribute and so is Leadership. Leadership role demands uniqueness. That is why we are look for Unique Leadership attributes in a Leader.

The process of being Unique.

Our learnings and belief system are mostly influenced by our socio-economic environment. As we grow-up we also come across divergent perspectives, and in the process, we adopt and adapt and that ultimately shapes our world views.

But what stops us to change? Fear of uncertainty, and Fear of unknown consequence.

Fear makes us defensive. The moment we push our boundaries, we create a new perspective, and that opens the door. We step into a new dimension and our new attributes starts to develop. And the new journey begins. As we evolve, our fear disappears, and our core values begins to change. Now we can see our true self and we are in the path of Uniqueness and adopt attributes of a Unicorn leader.

Conceptually, a Unicorn is a rarest mythical animal. However, Unicorn leaders are not mythical. They do exist among us. They are self-aware. They have wisdom to navigate a challenge based on their past experience rather than committing same mistake twice.

Unicorn leaders are neither different nor complex, rather they live and lead their lives by being self-aware with the utmost simplicity.

Rarest of Rare is the Simplest of the Simple.
Is Unicorn Leadership difficult to explore?

No, I don’t think so.

For example: whatever Martin Luther King, or Nelson Mandela, did was simple. They stood for basic human rights and freedom, but many of us have rare courage to stand-up for these rights. That is why they were unicorn leaders.

A Unicorn Leader contributes by doing righteous things for long term impact.  Adopting Unicorn Leadership style is not an impossible thing to achieve but one needs encourage to reinforce positivity and to create magic.